Toddler – Joey & Kitty Class

1-2 years old
“Need ability of walk on their own”
Daily Schedule

Time Content
8:45[AM] Arrival   Free play time
9:40[AM] Clean up
9:45[AM] Circle time
(Story / Music and Movements / Counting numbers with thythm / Alphabet fun)
10:00[AM] Snack / Diaper change
10:20[AM] Activity time
*Activity for the day
(Art,Craft,Sensory,ando Cooking)
10:50[AM] Park time
(Get ready and Walk to the park)
11:40[AM] Lunch time
12:15[PM] Diaper change / Brush teeth
12:30[PM] Dismissal (for a half day schedule)
Nap time (for a whole day schedule)
2:30[PM] Diaper change / Snack time
2:50[PM] Afternoon circle time
3:00[PM] Dismissal
3:00[PM]~6:00[PM] Extended care
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