Advantage 123

After school English instruction for children attending Kindergarten /  Elementary school.


OPEN: Monday – Friday

Time 3:00pm-6:00pm *Please contact us for more information

Fluency in multiple languages, especially English, opens up a world of opportunities. The time to learn a foreign language is now, when it is a more natural process. Prepare your child for success, today and in the future, enroll in Advantage today, and let them reap the benefits tomorrow.

After school English instruction for children attending Kindergarten through school age

Three levels available to match your child’s needs.

1. Created specifically for children with little or no background in English. Beginning with the basics we will explore dialogue, reading and writing through workbook and hands-on activities.

2. Children who have some confidence in English speaking skills, but have little or no writing skills will find their place in this class. While still working on intermediate dialogue, a strong emphasis will be placed on writing and reading practice through workbook and hands-on activities.

3. Designed for children with a strong background in English, possessing intermediate to advanced speaking, reading and writing skills, this course is the perfect way to continue developing those skills in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Level assessment will be done at time of registration for each student enrolled in Advantage.

★ Homework help for International school students, Review and preparation for school, brush-up English lesson for returnee students are available.

Tuition rates:
(Tutoring Lesson)
* 5,400 yen per time (8% tax included)
(60 min lesson)
* 8,640 yen per time (8% tax included)
(90 min lesson)

Registration fee (A-one time only)
32,400 yen (8% tax included) will be assessed at time of registration.

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