Other Programs

Spring Camp 2018

Please come and join our annual Spring program “S […]

Saturday School "Sesame Learning Village"

Starting from March 3, 2018 We are introducing a new pr […]

"Hello Baby" Sesame Baby Class (6 months ~ 1 year old)

”Hello Baby” class is providing an affectionate baby ca […]

Fun Club for Toddlers (1~3 years old)

“FUN Club” for Toddlers ages 1 – 3 years old who […]

Preschool Fun Club for Preschoolers (3~6 years old)

“Preschool FUN Club” for young children ages 3 – […]

Kids Land Club - Afternoon Program (2:00 pm~ 5:00 pm)

Starting from April 2016 We are introducing a new progr […]

Advantage 123

After school English instruction for children attending […]

Daycare Program

6 Our Daycare program develops and encourages age appro […]

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