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General Manager

Sotaro F. Profile
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Hobbies: Weightlifting, Basketball, Travelling, Watching movies and sports, Reading books, Cooking, Photography, and Vlogging

Favorite quote: “It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices.”

Bio: Sotaro at the age of 3 studied the English language, from Elementary to High School he attended DODEA in Japan. Upon his High School graduation he attended Portland State with the vision of majoring in Business Management, after being there for 2 1/2 years, he decided to change course and transferred to the University of Hawaii at Manoa with the major of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science. Sotaro came to realization that fitness was his passion and motivation in life from an influence in his first year of college. That is where he truly learned the meaning of fitness and what it encompasses. Sotaro during his college years received his certification as a Personal Trainer and a Fitness Nutritionist. He has experience personal training both male and female clients in all age ranges along with those who have had past or current injuries. He enjoys helping people reach their goals whether it be fitness related or education related. Seeing people’s happiness is what makes him happy. He is currently a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutritionist, and an Exercise Therapist by ISSA. Sotaro at Sesame is not only the General Manager but also the instructor for our Parents English program “Awesome English” as well as the Program Coordinator for the exercise program “Fit Kids.” He enjoys seeing the smile on the kids faces everyday and watching them grow into young adults for the future which is what brought him back to Sesame and gives him the “strength” to face each day. He looks forward to what the future brings for each and every kid at Sesame.

Toddler Class

Rei K. (Education Manager) Profile
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Hobbies: Baking cakes, making accessories, watching movies, and aroma therapy

Favorite food: strawberry, natto, umeboshi, Japanese food, and Asian food

Bio: Rei spent most of her childhood in Brunei Darussalam and Singapore. She graduated from a university in Japan.  However since she was little, her dream was to be a childcarer which let her to study child care in Australia. She was pleased to be back at Sesame in December 2013, and she is happy to see our cute little Sesame friends. She hopes the children will love Sesame as much as their home, and she will help them with all she can by creating a comfortable and fun atmosphere filled with laughter.

Claire O. Profile
  Hometown: Quezon city, Philippines

Hobbies: Travelling, Watching drama & movies, Baking cakes & pastries

Favorite quote:  ① “Whenever you ask, For in prayer with faith, you will receive” – Matthew 21:22. ② A thankful heart is a happy heart.

Bio: Claire is a Chinese Spanish who’s home country is Philippines. She grew up studying in a private catholic school with catholic values. She graduated from the University having a degree of hotel and restaurant management, and she further her studies by taking another course in Culinary studies to become a chef. In April 2016, she decided to study Japanese language course for 2 years, and graduated the course March 2018 from Japan Tokyo International School. Before she became a sesame staff member, she had experience of patissier,  and also childcare teacher in Japan. Working at Sesame, She discovered that she has a passion working with young children.

Natasha B. Profile
  Hometown: Ipswich, Australia

Hobbies: Drawing, Reading and Writing

Favorite words: “Strength lies in difference, not in similarities.”

Bio: Natasha arrived in Japan in April 2019 on a working holiday, hoping to be able to teach people about her home as well as, learn about Japan. She has always been fascinated with Japanese culture ever since she started studying Japanese at the age of 13. This love grew even more during her school trip in 2015.

Natasha has always adored kids and while in Australia she would often babysit for friends, tutor at schools and help look after her three younger sisters. Helping a child to grow and explore the world and allowing them to share their own uniqueness makes her very happy. While at Sesame, she wants to help kids learn about the importance of understanding different people and that we should all stand united.

Pre-K Class

Julia D. (Director) Profile
Hometown: Metro Manila, Philippines

Hobbies: playing football and eating

Favorite quote:Thy will be done!

Bio: Julia is a licensed Professional Preschool teacher in the Philippines. She can handle children from the toddler to elementary level. She studied Elementary Education majoring in Preschool Education. She loves doing instructional materials, Parent Teacher Conference reports and lesson planning. Ever since she was a kid, she loved kids and would joyfully serve them in different ways possible.

Estelle Hugard Profile
Hometown: France

Favorite quote: When we want something, we do everything to make it

Bio: Estelle is from France. she graduated in 2013, and her degree is Communication and Management in companies. She has always been interested about Japan since she is young. She started to come to Japan in 2016 for vacation and she decided to more to Tokyo this April to improve more her Japanese and to know more about Japanese culture. She wants to stay in Japan forever. She likes children, and looking forward to work in Sesame International Preschool.

Shalom A. Profile
Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Hobbies: Sports, cooking, and drinking coffee

Favorite quote: “Dreams are free, so why not dream big!”- Anonymous

Bio: Shalom was born in the Philippines, at the age of 4 he moved to Japan, and at the age of 10 he moved to the United States. September 2012 he moved back to Japan as a missionary/teacher and because he loves Japan so much!! He loves the japanese culture, food, and of course the people. He loves working here in Sesame; everyone here is his family. He loves working with the kids, seeing their smile and laughter brightens his day here in Sesame!

Izaar R. Profile
Hometown: Akko, Israel

Hobbies: Traveling, reading

Favorite quote: “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost
Bio: Ezar has long believed that if you understand the other’s language, you understand more than words. Through language you can learn a lot about the history, manners, culture and traditions of other people around the world, for language and the way we use it is shaped by the environment we grow up in. Ezar has decided to study languages ( English and Japanese) in university. Her student years, she taught spoken Arabic in a private language school, and obtained a teaching certificate. October, 2018, she came to Japan, and has been experiencing Japan and enjoying learning and being a part of the Japanese culture. with this, she decided to do something that would enable her to give back to the Japanese society with education and teaching.
She felt the warm and safe atmosphere at Sesame, and she believes that the best environment to learn is in a fun and loving environment.
She plans to create this atmosphere for her kids, and is looking forward to teaching & learning this year.

Raja B. Profile
Hometown: Wolfsburg, Germany

Hobbies: Sports (e.g. volleyball), travelling, and sometimes reading

Favorite food: German schnitzel wiener and Japanese Ramen

Bio: Raja traveled to Japan in July and started working here at Sesame since August on a working holiday visa. She has never experienced the Japanese culture before but has had interest in it since a long time and always wanted to come here. It’s the first time for her to live on her own and learn a lot of new things about responsibilities. So working here at Sesame is a great opportunity for her, especially because she has always been enjoying working with children.

Chinese Language Class

Jia Z. Profile
Hometown: China

Hobbies: Reading, Traveling, Watching Movies, Yoga

Favorite food: “Don’t be shy, just try!”

Bio: Jia was born and raised in China and had interest in the languages ​​and cultures of various countries around the world. She studied culture and languages ​​at university in China, and also university in Korea and UCLA as cultural training program. Studied Japanese in university in Japan, and acquired “Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1” in 2008. As a language professional, she is qualified as an English teacher and has teaching experience in her native home of China.

At the same time, she is a mother, and she loves children. She wants children to be multicultural and multilingual, so that helps broaden their world in the future. She is happy and proud that she can help Sesame children have fun learning Chinese, and gain more knowledge.


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