Our Staff

Toddler Class

Kazuna I. Profile
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan 

Hobbies: Watching movies, singing, and travelling

Favorite word: Compassion

Bio: Kazuna grew up with Catholic education from elementary to college in Japan, studied child developmental psychology when she was in college, and obtained the qualification as nursery teacher. She has experience of working with children in Japan and also overseas as well. She dreamt of being a nursery teacher ever since she was a child. The experiences she had working with children led her to be back in this education field after working at a major company. “Family”, is her first impression of Sesame, not only she does want to be an educator for the children, but also make the children feel like “Sesame = HOME” as a safe and warm place. She is looking forward to seeing all Sesame children with her love and full of smiles everyday.

Jaquiline L. Profile
Hometown: General Tihio, Philippines 

Hobbies: Running, Reading novel books, Playing volleyball 

Favorite quote: “To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong” – Joseph Chilton Pearce

Bio: Jaquiline is registered pharmacist in the Philippines. After she experienced to become a substitute teacher in on of the universities in her country, she started to love and enjoys teaching. After getting married, she came to Japan and had an opportunity to become an English teacher & a tutor of an elementary & high school students. She is a compassionate individual who enjoys providing exceptional care and education to people of different ages. It gives her great satisfaction to work with Sesame, so she can bring a positive change in the lives of her Sesame kids.

Claire O. Profile
Hometown: Quezon city, Philippines 

Hobbies: Travelling, Watching drama & movies, Baking cakes & pastries

Favorite quote:  ① “Whenever you ask, For in prayer with faith, you will receive” – Matthew 21:22. ② A thankful heart is a happy heart.

Bio: Ms. Claire is a Chinese Spanish who’s home country is Philippines. She grew up studying in a private catholic school with catholic values. She graduated from the University having a degree of hotel and restaurant management, and she further her studies by taking another course in Culinary studies to become a chef. In April 2016, she decided to study Japanese language course for 2 years, and graduated the course March 2018 from Japan Tokyo International School. Before she became a sesame staff member, she had experience of patissier,  and also childcare teacher in Japan. Working at Sesame, She discovered that she has a passion working with young children.

Jomelyn O. Profile
Hometown: General Tihio, Philippines 

Hobbies: Watching and playing with my son, going to different places to explore

Favorite quote: “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.”- Steve Jobs

Bio: Ms. Jomelyn, Joy for short and she is so happy to meet you all! Before she became a teacher here at Sesame, she was a full-time mom to my 9 year old son, at the same time managing our own pharmacy in the Philippines. She also use to work as a receptionist in 2 of the 5 star hotels in the Philippines. She believes the capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice. We are going to learn so many great things this year, and she is looking forward to every minute of it!

Pre-K Class

Rei K. Profile
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Hobbies: Baking cakes, making accessories, watching movies, and aroma therapy

Favorite food: strawberry, natto, umeboshi, Japanese food, and Asian food

Bio: Rei spent most of her childhood in Brunei Darussalam and Singapore. She graduated from a university in Japan.  However since she was little, her dream was to be a childcarer which let her to study child care in Australia. She was pleased to be back at Sesame in December 2013, and she is happy to see our cute little Sesame friends. She hopes the children will love Sesame as much as their home, and she will help them with all she can by creating a comfortable and fun atmosphere filled with laughter.

Raja B. Profile
Hometown: Wolfsburg, Germany 

Hobbies: Sports (e.g. volleyball), travelling, and sometimes reading

Favorite food: German schnitzel wiener and Japanese Ramen

Bio: She traveled to Japan in July and started working here at Sesame since August on a working holiday visa. She has never experienced the Japanese culture before but has had interest in it since a long time and always wanted to come here. It’s the first time for her to live on her own and learn a lot of new things about responsibilities. So working here at Sesame is a great opportunity for her, especially because she has always been enjoying working with children.

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Favorite quote:


Shalom A. Profile
Hometown: Portland, Oregon 

Hobbies: Sports, cooking, and drinking coffee

Favorite quote: “Dreams are free, so why not dream big!”- Anonymous

Bio: He was born in the Philippines, at the age of 4 he moved to Japan, and at the age of 10 he moved to the United States. September 2012 he moved back to Japan as a missionary/teacher and because he loves Japan so much!! He loves the japanese culture, food, and of course the people. He loves working here in Sesame; everyone here is his family. He loves working with the kids, seeing their smile and laughter brightens his day here in Sesame!

Kids Land Club / Saturday School

Lisanne I. Profile

Hometown: Essen, Germany

Hobbies: Drawing, Theatre, Reading, Languages 

Favorite Food: The noodle soup from my Grandma and chocolate

Bio: I moved to Japan in September after graduating High School in Germany. Since I was little I was fascinated by the Japanese culture and decided to go abroad and experience Japan! It’s my first time living alone, so I need to learn a lot of new things, which I would never experience going straight to a German University. I always loved languages, especially English and Japanese. Hopefully I can teach the Kids English and learn Japanese while living here in Japan.

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