Class Goal

Today, our children are facing a fast paced and changing world.

English has become the language of technology and commerce. At Sesame International Preschool, our belief regarding the teaching of very young children is that they cannot start too early to gain that extra advantage in life. In fact, we believe, the earlier they start, the better!

Preschool & Kindergarten education must develop four areas of student growth

Language Class goals – Language
Cognitive (mental categories) Class goals – Cognitive
Psychomotor (muscle control) Class goals – Psychomotor
Social Class goals – Social

In the area of language and literacy, young students must learn that those “little marks” have meaning, that they stand for something. Teachers look for their thinking using charts to compare ideas. They carry out these activities in a very hands-on, active approach and have before them the items students have must experienced or discussed. “Student talk” with peers and with the teacher is also encouraged.

The children’s bodies continue to develop, and they are given tasks to extend their academic skills. They have to learn to recognize different sounds and it these sounds are the same or different. Later, the children are shown how to follow letters on a page and follow the teacher as he/she reads.

Finally, children need to learn to share and get along with the others in the classroom. Teachers must teach students turn-taking, asking for permission, and putting away their things.

By the time you see them acting like “Little angels” and learning at their level in first grade, you can be sure that many people took great interest in preparing them to get there!

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