Sesame International Preschool is committed to the education and personal development of children.
We have created a program to help children discover the joy of learning while building confidence in themselves and their use of the English language.

Class Room

  1. Government Subsidy – “Free Early Childhood education and Care”

  2. Sesame School Bus – Starting June 1, 2019

    Our school bus will be used for study trip, Field trip, and pick up / drop off. Also, it will be available for pick up for the afternoon class. More details will be announced soon!

  3. Trial Lesson available now!!

    More details, please contact to school office
    Tel: 03-5485-1197

  4. Toddler – Joey & Kitty Class

  5. Toddler – Koala Class

  6. Preschool & Kindergarten – Dormouse Class

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